Crown 7 Reviews

Since there are a lot of e cigarettes to choose from we are going to give you our opinions a couple of electric cigarette brands out there. We will give you Crown 7 reviews and how it compares to the Solar Cigarette electric cigarette.

It was very difficult to navigate through the Crown 7 website products area. It was hard to see what exactly comes with their starter kits. We had to do our review based on the images of the 7 reviews Crown 7 Reviews

Crown 7 imperial kits comes with the following:

  • 1 electric cigarette battery
  • 2 refill cartridges
  • 1 usb charger and owners manual
  • owners manual
  • optional car charger
  • optional colors black or white

Although the price is relatively inexpensive, the Crown 7 kit can give smokers a chance to try out the electric cigarette and see if they are going to enjoy it.


Solar Cigarette reviews

The Solar Cigarette website is very easy to navigate through the product area, and gives you a list of exactly what you will receive on your purchase.

Solar Cigarette basic kit comes with the following:solar electric cigarette premium3 Crown 7 Reviews

  • 2 electric cigarette batteries
  • 5 refill cartridges
  • 1 wall charger
  • owners manual
  • optional free membership into smoking buddy program (helps you stay smoke free)
  • multi flavored vitamin packs (promotes weight loss)

The Solar Cigarette is priced the same if not cheaper as the Crown 7 but they offer much more of their product for the price. They also offer vitamin packs which boost energy and promotes weight loss with every single puff. The optional free membership into the smoking buddy program assigns you with help from other smokers on how to keep off tobacco cigarettes.

Our Crown 7 reviews versus the Solar Cigarette will have to go to the Solar Cigarette. The Solar Cigarette provides much more value and at the same price. Smokers can customize their electric cigarette kits unlike the Crown 7. Here are some more videos of what Solar Cigarette customers are raving about.

Electronic Cigarette Reviews Of The Solar Cigarette

Worldwide Fans of The Solar Cigarette

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