How Many mg of Nicotine Are in an Electronic Cigarette?

One of the best things about these new e cigarettes is that every brand that is out there gives you a choice on which type of electronic cigarette refill cartridges you can buy.

Each cartridge has different amounts of nicotine in it to give each smoker a personalized smoking experience. But the question still arises about exactly how many mg of nicotine are in an electronic cigarette?

Each electric cigarette brand is different but here are some pointers to help you find out how many mg of nicotine are in an electronic cigarette.

E Cigarettes Cartridges Review

Depending on which electronic cigarette brand you have will determine how many mg of nicotine you will have in your electronic cigarette. Most of the time there are about 4 different levels of nicotine that will be suitable for each smokers taste. Here are the most common levels of mg of nicotine that are in the electronic cigarette refill cartridges.

Different Strengths  Of Nicotine Cartridges

  • 0mg – No nicotine just flavor
  • 4mg – feels like an ultra light cigarette
  • 8mg – just like a full flavor cigarette
  • 16mg – just like a non filtered cigarette

There are many different types of people who smoke E cigarettes and each one has their own particular preference on the strength of nicotine they require. Some long time smokers go with the heavy duty 16mg while other social smokers go with the 4mg ultra light flavor. Now when people ask you how many mg of nicotine are in an electronic cigarette you can actually surprise them with all the information they ever wanted to know.

Nicotine strength of a tobacco cigarettes

Traditional tobacco cigarettes have varying nicotine contents depending on the brand. Nicotine contents of tobacco cigarettes have trended down over the past 30 years from an average of 1.35 mg per cigarette in 1968 to an average of 0.90 mg per cigarette in 1994. Per brand breakdowns are as follows and are based on a study done by the United States Federal Trade Commission on1206 varieties of domestic cigarettes between the years 1994 and 1997:

  • Lucky Strike Regular        1.6 mg per cigarette
  • Marlboro Red                    1.2 mg per cigarette
  • Marlboro Light                  0.8 mg per cigarette
  • Newport Regular             1.2 mg per cigarette
  • Newport Light                   0.7 mg per cigarette
  • Camel Regular                   1.4 mg per cigarette
  • Camel Light                         0.9 mg per cigarette
  • Camel Wide                        1.2 mg per cigarette
  • Capri Super Slim               0.8 mg per cigarette
  • Chesterfield Full Flavor  1.5 mg per cigarette
  • Parliament Light               0.7 mg per cigarette
  • Salem Regular                   1.2 mg per cigarette
  • Salem Light                         0.9 mg per cigarette
  • Basic Regular                      1.0 mg per cigarette
  • Basic Light                           0.7 mg per cigarette
  • Kool Regular                       1.1 mg per cigarette
  • Paul Maul Regular            1.7 mg per cigarette
  • Virginia Slims                      1.1 mg per cigarette
  • Winston Regular               1.2 mg per cigarette

It All Depends On Your Smoking Preference:

What you smoked in tobacco cigarettes …. vs. E Cig cartridge strength to buy

Full strength (such as Marlboro Red)                                       Full strength (18 – 24 mg)

Light (such as Marlboro Lights)                                                   Medium strength (12 – 16 mg)

Ultra light (Such as Marlboro Ultra Lights)                             Light strength (4 – 8 mg)

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