Succcess Story Of Smoker Who Quit Smoking With ECigs (And Lost Weight!)

Many smokers have tried to quit smoking many times in their life and just haven’t been successful.

When a smoker has smoked for years, they are so used to smoking at certain times of the day that the body gets into a habit that the mind tells the smoker it is time for your daily dose of nicotine like an alarm clock waking up in the morning.

The main reason why smokers can’t quit is because they don’t have a good alternative to smoking that will help them slowly get them to avoid the smoking habit. Here is how to quit smoking with ecigs.

E Cigarettes Changing Peoples Lives

In case you haven’t heard yet, E cigarettes are hitting the world by storm and are becoming the #1 alternative to smoking. How can they help smokers kick the smoking habit? Here is how these E cigarettes work.

Electronic Cigarette Case Studies

Worldwide Fans

First of all, they look, taste and feel like traditional cigarette but they are battery powered and give off no smoke.

When a smoker puffs on the electric cigarette, the battery sends an electrical charge to the liquid nicotine cartridge which has a built in atomizer in it. The atomizer then heats up the liquid nicotine and turns it into nicotine water vapor and not smoke.

Since there is no smoke, there is no smell, no ash, no second hand smoke and no deadly chemicals or carcinogens that you will get smoking traditional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is giving smokers the same feeling as smoking but without all of the deadly side effects of smoking. Another way these E cigarettes help people stop smoking is because there are different types of flavored cartridges that also have different strengths of nicotine in them. The liquid nicotine strength levels range from 0mg up to 16mg.

Most smokers can start off with the 16 mg and then slowly work their way down to the 0mg level and once they are using the 0mg they are basically just smoking air and no longer have the urge to smoke again.

There are many other ways that these E cigarettes can help smokers stay away from smoking traditional cigarettes. Some smokers use the electric cigarette because they don’t want to quit smoking but want a better way of smoking to avoid the negative health effects, others want to get rid of the habit for good.

Either way, when you learn how to quit smoking with ecigs you will wonder why you have waiting so long.

Other’s Success Stories Using ECigarettes:

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erik testimonial Succcess Story Of Smoker Who Quit Smoking With ECigs (And Lost Weight!)

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