How Long Do Electric Cigarette Cartridges Last?

There are many different types of strengths for each electric cigarette cartridge. Each cartridge is different per manufacturer and how they determine the strengths is by the “MG” of nicotine they have in each cartridge. They also determine how long cartridges last by the amount of puffs the smoker gets per cartridge.

I see that the starter kits come with a 5 pack of cartridges. But, nowhere can I find how long each cartridge lasts? (Ex: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc.) Does anyone have an answer to this question?

Most electric cigarette companies claim that their cartridges give about 150-200 puffs per cartridge or are equal to the amount of packs of real tobacco cigarettes. Most cartridges last about 1 and a half packs of tobacco cigarettes depending on what type of smoker you are. Some smokers like to take light drags and some like to take long drags on their electric cigarette.

The Solar Cigarette gives smokers about 250-300 puffs per cartridge and are reasonable priced. They also have longer battery life to support the amount of puffs smokers get per each cartridge. The higher the level of nicotine in each cartridge the stronger the hit will be.

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  1. Michele R July 29, 2010 at 11:07 pm #

    I recently purchased the ncig starter pack from The cartridges they send you are of varying strengths, so I haven’t used some of them. I did order the mild menthol cartridge refill packs (5 in each) and have found that each cartridge lasts me approximately 3 days. I was never a heavy smoker, so your usage may be different to mine. You may also find yourself using the solar cigarette more than you would normally smoke at first – probably due to the novelty of it. I can gladly report that I have had no urge to smoke a regular cigarette since (two weeks and counting…). All the best to you!
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