One Billion Could Die of Smoking This Century…Could You Be One Of Them?

grave One Billion Could Die of Smoking This Century...Could You Be One Of Them?It could never be more emphasized that smoking is a destructive habit. And if you are a smoker, before you light a cigarette, think that every year about six million are dying because of it. This century, that could reach one billion deaths.

There are so many negative things that smoking can bring. There are the heart problems, cancers and other illnesses it can bring to smokers. Even the health of other non-smokers, it can put at risk. The cigarette butts and the pollutants released when a cigarette is lit also negatively affect the environment.

For all of those things and the habit’s many other ill effects, why would you still do it? It’s high time to quit smoking if you want to exclude yourself in the 1 billion that could die because of it.

As Douglas Bettcher, director of the WHO Tobacco Free Initiative, said “There is no need for these [smoking)]deaths”. There is a lot of help, personal and not, that you can get to quit the habit. So why not take the initial step?

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As many as one billion people could die of smoking-related illnesses this century if efforts to curb the practice are not implemented, a senior U.N. health official warned on Friday, the U.N. News Centre reports.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Moscow global ministerial conference on non-communicable diseases, Douglas Bettcher, director of the WHO Tobacco Free Initiative, said an estimated six million people die annually of diseases related to smoking or second-hand smoke, mainly in low- to middle-income countries, and that “a cataclysmic future” lies ahead for these nations unless governments implement policies to discourage smoking, according to the news service.

Bettcher said the most successful programs to reduce smoking rates include “raising the prices of products through taxes; enforcing complete bans on smoking in public places; introducing large pictorial warnings on products; and setting up national ‘quit lines’ to advise and support people trying to stop smoking,” the U.N. News Centre writes. “There is no need for [these deaths],” he said, adding, “We have tools to help everyone quit” (4/29).


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There is a long list of illnesses that smoking can lead to. And that means there are a lot of reasons for you to quit the habit.

Several cigarette alternatives are available to help you quit smoking for good. With their help, you can save yourself from the eventual death that the habit could bring. In addition, you can also help keep others from second-hand smoke and its health risks.

Electric cigarette is one of those alternatives that you can use. Generally, it is effective as proven by its many users. Nonetheless, it still requires your willingness to stop smoking for it to work fully.

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